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Monday, November 16, 2009

Counter-Strike 1.8

Downloading free

In this new version Counter-Strike 1.8 launched by Goiceasoft Studios, he brings some changes, but continues with the same general features of version Counter-Strike 1.6, can add maps, weapons etc.. Besides you can play online on servers available. There are almost 300 maps of much action and adrenaline. In Counter-Strike 1.8 have been modified weapons and characters, and improved graphics. The whole game is working perfectly. If you'd rather not play online can add boots. The game has a simple interface and quick to install.

Counter Strike 1.8
Windows XP SP2,SP3,Vista
Intel Pentium 4,AMD
RAM: 256
Video Card: 64
CD-Rom 24x
DirectX 9.0c
Audio 2.1
Internet Connection 1 MB/s





Download Now part 1

Download Now part 2

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Download Now part 9



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